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These are exciting times for persons with disAbility in India and the world. With inclusive SDGs in place, the Start Up India, Skill India, Make in India and Accessible India Campaign  reaching out to remote corners, CRPD ratification by India and finally the passage of the RPwD Act 2016, it can be said that the laws and policies have become more profound towards the need and well being of the persons with disAbilities in India. The most powerful human rights law, our most awaited and long pending, “Rights of Persons with disAbility Act 2016” got passed as the law of the land by both the houses of Parliament in December 2016. This landmark human rights law ensures persons with disabilities receive the same civil rights protections as all other Indians. 


Legislations/instruments/policies are only the beginning, albeit an important one, in the long journey to translating ideals and objectives into reality Laws cannot themselves be agents of change. Late Justice Ranganath Mishra, former Chief Justice, had observed that 'Law is a means to an end and justice is the end’. Justice can be achieved when on the one hand it is enforced in a just way, in the spirit in which it is framed; and on the other hand people understand the law and are aware of their rights. 


Sashakt campaign has been designed to create awareness about laws and the rights of persons with disAbilities. It is an attempt at an Equal India, an Inclusive India and an India where differences are accepted and diversity celebrated. 

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